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Emma, Jack, Ally (an unwritten romance of teens under influence)



.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuTiara | Virgo | INFP | Tsundere fangirl | Otome obsessed | Prideful sloth.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu

.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-ChiuImproving quite healthily, thank you..:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu

i don't know what i need any more than you do
i don't know if i need anything more than you
hearts don't mean anything unless they're broken in two

in a dream, i met you again.
i think, even then,
i believe i loved you.
did you love me too?

(maybe) do you think about me sometimes?
i think about you all the time.
no way of knowing
behind your dark eyes

hearts don't mean anything unless they're broken in two
but i'm so desperate to know you

+Adventure Time +Alternate rock +Fantasy genre +Hana Yori Dango +Kamisama Hajimemashite +Kuragehime +Lorde +Masked Princess +Miraculous Ladybug +Mulan +No Game, No Life +Panic! at the Disco +Princess and the Frog +Steven Universe +Uta no Prince-sama +Wild Eyes +Your Lie In April

My birthday badgeAstrology Series - Virgo by feiyan




"Takes a good loaf o' bread and he burns it black.
Throws it in the mud. 'Girl, I got yo back. Mmm.'
Just a little favor for the chick he digs
And by the way he gave half to the pigs."


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Birthday wishes N other events!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 15, 2015, 10:02 PM
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Watching: Friends "TOW Joey's Award"
  • Playing: Flight Rising
Professional Procrastinator

CSS Skin

Thanks again to all the kind souls who wished me a good birthday yesterday! And I still got some today whoa! <3 o7o//

What I did yesterday was 1) go to school and die and received knee socks as my first present 2) went to IHOP and ordered TWO crepes (yum!) 3) went to Micheal's and bought Faber-Castell inking pens and 4) picked out a sweet ice cream cake for dessert! No movie like originally planned, but I got to watch some tv and I drew some, which was just as nice lol c:

BESIDES MY BIRTHDAY school's been kicking my tush in English (a class I voluntarily take) and I always feel like I'm sort of slacking in other areas, even though I'm NOT. I stress profusely over this and I have no idea why when the good grades are right in front of me. I either need to worry a bunch over my work or I'll have nothing to do and be terribly bored aha.... ;;

And um... I was wondering for those who are interested in dragons and want to talk to me outside dA, y'all can find me at Flight Rising! I talked about it in my last journal, but you need an account to access it and windows won't open for a while again. Fear not, the moderators have a group & accounts here too! FlightRising

ALSO does anyone watch Ink Master (a show) on Spike (a tv channel)?? I haven't missed an episode thus far (except for last week and I asked my sister to remind me of ergh) so I watched both eps today!! AND OMYGOSH THIS WEEK'S INSTALLMENT BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER!! <33 ;U; It was soo perfect, but now we're down to the last seven competitors and I know drama's gonna go DOWN. My favorites from the very beginning have all made it, but this last person went home and I was so stoked about their character ahh..

ANYHOO be prepared for my attempts at this original species I'd love to finally own a character of (they have an event going on too! :la:) and maybe some more of my MLP next gen! I'd love someone to just talk and develop my charas with, design-wise and personality-wise etc

Zombutts is also hosting her 3.5k watcher raffle!! Wish her congratulations and take part maybe? c; CLOSED: 3500+ Free Watchers Raffle! by Zombutts

If you read this far: THANK YOU!! :huggle:

Send help I'm trapped in the journal factory!

//shameless flirts/ Check me out! I'm the hottest thing here!

Which Seven Deadly Sin are you? (your worst attribute to an extreme) 

18 deviants said Sloth - Unhealthy passiveness or apathy
10 deviants said Envy - Extreme jealousy of another's goods, skills, or status
8 deviants said Wrath - Manifestation of anger or rage
6 deviants said Lust - Insatiable desire for sensual pleasure
5 deviants said Gluttony - Excessive indulgence in food or drink
3 deviants said Pride - Exaggerated opinion of one's worth
1 deviant said Greed - Obsessive longing for material possessions

Sugarfree Peeps

My Amazingly Chill Uncle:
(Who should totally upload his paintings; the completely stuck and technical artist he is)

My Real Life Friends:
:iconkillerlombardi: and :iconitcomesinwhispers: and :iconskywings808:
and :iconrioichi-karihazi: and :iconcaeseyy:
(Peeps who are smuper comfortable in their own skin)

My dA Friends Who Make Me Smile:
(chronological order)


Idols Who Amaze

:iconrainbowsparklesplz::iconallisonchinart: :icondav-19: :icondestinyblue: :icondymx: :iconepifex: :iconfukari: :icongriffsnuff: :icongyrhs: :iconhyamei: :iconhootsweets: :iconjon-lock: :iconkagomesarrow77: :iconkawacy: :iconkawiku: :iconkilala97: :iconkiwicide: :iconkiyorin: :iconloish: :iconlooji: :iconmarkmak: :iconmikeinel: :iconnanomortis: :iconpicolo-kun: :iconpinlin: :iconoaklungs: :iconrainue: :iconrosel-d: :iconrosuuri: :iconry-spirit: :iconsakimichan: :iconsamanthadoodles: :iconsarilain: :iconsatsukii96: :iconsharkie19: :iconsuihowl: :iconwitchpaws: :iconwlop: :iconyuumei: :iconzenithomocha: :iconzombutts::iconrainbowsparklesplz:

These senpais immensely inspire me with the beautiful works they create *v*/ They are friendly and have admirable skills~ I hope to be like them someday!! :heart:
:icondawwwwplz:Stamp | Senpai by CuteSight:iconallmyloveplz:

What should I post more of? 

3 deviants said Pones
1 deviant said Hoomans
No deviants said Dessert bunnies
No deviants said Whatever the heck I've been posting til now, I don't care
No deviants said Other


:thumb174347771:Please do not thank me for watches! YOU ARE WELCOME:thumb174347771: :iconcraiplz:


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